Information Security

What does Adepto do with my details?
Please view Adepto’s privacy policy for further information.
Who is Adepto?
Adepto built the AVEC Jobs Portal.
Is my data secure & who can view my data?
A core part of the Adepto platform is the self sovereignty over your profile, this means you own your profile and data. Additionally We’ve done lots of work to make sure we are fully compliant to GDPR so you’ve got no worries here. Only authorised persons from Organisations who have agreed to and signed our terms and conditions including those on data security and privacy can view your profile.

If you’d like to know the full details, take a look at our Legal and Commercial FAQs in the help centre.

Where can I get more help?
Check out the helpcentre with articles written by experts. You can access it once you’ve registered in the left hand side menu or by clicking the below link.
Who do I contact for technical issues?

You can log a ticket from the help centre, expect a speedy response within 24 hours.