Industry Insights

AVEC’s shared industry insights will help elevate organisations’ veteran recruitment approach from ‘veteran-friendly’ to ‘veteran-ready’. Through developing a greater understanding of the veteran experience, and aligning this to a civilian career, organisations can meet their business needs with a unique skillset and create more meaningful employment for veterans.

Did you know?

Veteran unemployment is five times higher than the national average. With approximately 5,500 service members leaving the Australian Defence Force each year, why are organisations not recognising the value of hiring veterans?

Business case for hiring veterans

AVEC believes there is a strong business case for organisations to hire veterans. Take a closer look at our key findings to understand how proactively engaging veteran talent can provide a competitive advantage for your organisation.

What can organisations do to get involved?

AVEC’s research has identified eight key ways to improve hiring rates of veterans, and ultimately elevate organisations’ veteran recruitment approach from ‘veteran-friendly’ to ‘veteran-ready’.


Seek to understand the veteran’s military experience


Focus on depth of experience gained vs. length of time served


Assess based on attributes and capabilities vs. technical skills


Understand the culture that veterans come from


Offer a wide range of support avenues


Be cognisant not to treat veterans differently


Find a common language


Build awareness that your brand is ‘veteran-ready’

Veteran Ready Toolkit

Understanding the key challenges and considerations during a recruitment lifecycle is crucial when engaging veteran candidates. AVEC’s Veteran Ready Toolkit, with self-assessment tools and checklists, will help to align hiring expectations, uncover veteran potential and improve hiring decisions.

What has AVEC done?

AVEC’s Founding Members have successfully implemented a number of veteran initiatives. Learn more about how they have attracted and retained veteran talent across a number of across a number of sectors.


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