AVEC is proud to support the veteran community and are passionate about making meaningful change for transitioning service members, job-seeking veterans and their partners.

Flexibility is key

We’ve found that flexibility is key for veteran-friendly organisations.

  • Reservists look for organisations who provide flexibility and access to leave, allowing them to participate in Reservist activities.
  • Partners of serving members are better able to support their spouse when working for a veteran-friendly organisation that understands and recognises the challenges they can experience at extremely short notice.
  • Partners of serving members value organisations who encourage mobility. Mobility enables a more sustainable career with the same organisation where they continue to learn and maintain skills, work in an environment where they will receive support during posting cycles and find alternative roles or pursue flexible options when needed.

Membership Structure

AVEC was founded in November 2017 to support the Prime Ministers Veteran Employment Program.
Founded by six leading Australian organisations, AVEC recognised their collective strength in offering a wide variety of opportunities, across numerous skill levels in almost all sectors and industries.

AVEC has a tiered membership model

1. Founding Members
2. Steering Committee Members
3. Bronze Members

Read the History of AVEC to learn more about out Founding Members and Steering Committee members

Bronze Members

AVEC Bronze members are Australian organisations who are veteran-friendly and committed to providing opportunities to transitioning service members, job-seeking veterans and their partners.

General membership requires an ongoing commitment to our jobs portal and active participation.

AVEC are looking for partner organisations who would like to help.

Your organisation may not be looking to hire anyone but if you think you can provide support to the veteran community, let us know.

For more information about AVEC membership, please contact us by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.


AVEC is led by a Steering Committee of representatives.

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