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AVEC understands the complexities around transitioning from service into a civilian job. We are committed to working with the veteran community to help alleviate concerns and offer support.
What is my AVEC profile?

Your AVEC profile includes your personal summary, career history, education and skills, job preferences, location preferences, military credentials (if provided) and other useful details.

Employers will use the information in your AVEC profile to search for suitable candidates based on skills, location and job preferences.

How do I create an AVEC Profile?

You can create an AVEC profile through the Jobs Portal.

To get started, click on the link ‘Join Network’ and complete the profile wizard. Once you’ve entered all your details, you can search for opportunities and employers can search for you.

Why do I need to enter my military credentials?

We have uniquely designed the jobs portal to support and improve the employment opportunities for the transitioning ADF and Australian Veteran community, so your military background and credentials are core components of your AVEC profile. If you’ve left the ADF, or have made the decision to transition into the civilian world and are seeking private sector employment, the AVEC jobs portal is for you.

AVEC members are committed to Veteran employment and seek to hire talent based on their ADF experience and skillsets, alongside civilian qualifications and experience. So, the more information that you share, the stronger your profile will be.

The AVEC jobs portal has an inbuilt skills taxonomy and machine learning to assist in translating your military skills and experiences into civilian language. This capability will help create a richer employment profile to comprehensively demonstrate your skills and value to employers.

To complete your profile, please share as much or as little about your ADF employment history as you’d like – you can always come back and update at any time!

Who can view my AVEC Profile?
Only AVEC registered employers can view your profile and contact you with relevant job opportunities.
How do employers contact me?

Employers who are part of the AVEC network will have access to your contact details once included in your AVEC profile.

Employers can send you a message through the Jobs Portal, call the listed phone number or send you an email to your nominated email address. It is important to ensure that these platforms are monitored regularly so you do not miss out on opportunities.

If I’m not looking for a job, what happens to my profile?

Once you’ve created your AVEC profile, it will remain in the Jobs Portal until you disable your account. If you’re not actively seeking work or are unavailable for work, simply set your profile to ‘not interested’ to let employers know you’re not looking for your next opportunity.

Don’t forget to switch your profile back to ‘interested’ when the time comes for you to find your next opportunity.

How do I apply for a role with an employer on the AVEC portal?

There are a couple of ways to indicate your interest in a role listed on the AVEC Jobs Portal:

When an individual role is loaded onto the Jobs Portal – there will be a contact listed on the job ad with details of how to apply.

When an employer has listed an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) – follow the EOI instructions. You will likely need to visit the employers’ careers page to apply for particular roles.

If you are ever unsure or our ads are unclear – please contact us to let us know as your feedback is important and ultimately helps us help you.

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What happens with my information that I enter into the AVEC portal?

AVEC and Adepto take privacy very seriously.

Information security FAQ

Good to know
  • Works best on chrome but is mobile optimised
  • CV parsing means you’ll only need to fill in one experience during registration and upload your CV later to pre populated all other experiences and skills
  • You need to select 3 skills from the dropdown during registration, if the wifi is slow it might take a moment to appear!
  • Remember to keep your profile updated to be eligible for the best matched opportunities.
What does work types mean?

In the wizard you are asked to indicate your preferred and current work type from the following list:

  • Permanent – permanent employment opportunities 
  • Temporary – temporary (end date) employment
  • Casual – casual employment 
  • Contracting: Project based assignments