Frequently Asked Questions

My organisation has joined AVEC, what happens now?
Welcome to AVEC! We are happy to have you as a new Bronze Member where you will have access to a range of features.
Depending on who in your organisation is confirmed as the ‘Hiring Manager’, that allocated person will receive an email from the AVEC Jobs Portal (powered by Adepto) inviting the assigned ‘Hiring Manager’ to;

  • head to the linked AVEC portal and sign up to your Adepto account to see what’s new
  • start building your organisation’s profile; and
  • search and connect with our talent pool.

If at any stage support is required, please visit the Adepto Help Centre to review all the how-to-guides and training videos.

Who is a ‘Hiring Manager’?

The ‘Hiring Manager’ in your organisation will be the person who ultimately looks after your organisation’s profile in the Jobs Portal. Ideally, this person will be someone located in the HR and Recruitment area of your organisation who will load jobs and source talent within the Jobs Portal.

How do you build a profile as a ‘Hiring Manager’?

To set up your organisation’s profile, the allocated ‘Hiring Manager’ would have received an invitation from Adepto Support to join the AVEC network. This invitation will provide instructions on how to join the network, create sign in details and create a profile for your organisation.

What is an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the Jobs Portal?

An EOI is an option for organisations who have numerous roles available to job-seekers and loading individual roles onto the Jobs Portal is not practical.

We recommend listing one EOI per brand. For example, Wesfarmers has more than 10 brands under their brand umbrella, i.e. Kmart, Officeworks, etc. So to ensure clarity and consistency, please list one EOI per brand on the Jobs Portal. To see a working example of an EOI, please see the Downer Group example (in the portal)

Is there functionality to link the Jobs Portal to your organisation’s HR System?

Unfortunately, at this stage there is no linking functionality to directly connect your organisation’s HR System with the Jobs Portal but we’re working towards a more sustainable solution.

In the meantime, if you have numerous roles to be uploaded onto the Jobs Portal, we recommend using the EOI format for a more effective approach. Eg if your organisation has a careers page that lists all available roles – an EOI approach is effective.
For specific roles you’re wanting to recruit a veteran for, we recommend taking the time to list these individually onto the Jobs Portal.

How do you load a job or EOI on the Jobs Portal?

To load a job or EOI on the Jobs Portal you will need to navigate to the “Jobs” page and click “create Job”. This can be done several ways, including; copying a job description, uploading a job document or using the template provided.

Once details are uploaded, the platform will begin scanning the document to help fast-track the process. After completing the loading process there is an option to add candidates before publication, if desired, or the job or EOI can now be published.

What is a talent pool?

A talent pool is a collection of job-seekers which the ‘Hiring Manager’ of your organisation has flagged on the Jobs Portal for future reference. This could be a location-based talent pool or skills-based talent pool. Essentially, this function allows quick and easy access to available talent when needed.

How do you create a talent pool on the Jobs Portal?

“To create a talent pool on the Jobs Portal you will need to navigate to the “Talent Pools” page.

There are pre-curated Talent Pools available or a private pool can be created. “

How do you contact talent on the Jobs Portal?

Once a favourable job-seeker profile has been viewed on the Jobs Portal, the next step is to make contact with that person.
This can be done in a variety of ways through the Jobs Portal, including; sending a message to the job-seeker direct via the Jobs Portal, calling the listed phone number or sending an email to their nominated email address.

It is important to ensure that these platforms are monitored regularly so opportunities are not missed.

What happens with the information that I enter onto the Jobs Portal?

AVEC and Adepto take privacy very seriously.

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